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History of Amano Cincinnati Inc, TSCI

Amano Cincinnati Inc (ACI)

In 1896 James Gamble of Proctor and Gamble felt indebted to a doctor who had treated his wife. The doctor's brother wanted a business of his own and Mr Gamble provided the money for its establishment. The new company was formed in Cincinnati to produce a recently invented device called a time clock.


Between 1896 and 1945 Cincinnati Time Recorder Company (CTR) made some detours into other product areas. In the 1920's when the demand for time clocks was low, the company produced "Cleartone" radios and late in the decade developed the first theatrical sound system with a time synchronization system for the first all-talking movie "The Jazz Singer" staring Al Jolson. Cincinnati Time also manufactured food machinery, insurance policy dispensers for airports and during World War II made fuses and timers for bombs and shells.


Walter Schott a Cincinnati industrialist purchased the business in 1945 and decided to concentrate on its original product base of time clocks and master clocks in order to fill postwar demand. Mr Schott sold 51% of the business in 1948 to Carl Gieringer a former director and chief engineer for a manufacturer of x-ray equipment. At that time 46% of the company's stock was given to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati in the form of a gift. This share was later reacquired.


Under Mr Gieringers leadership the product line was soon expanded to include the company's first line of "job clocks" which timed an individual's productivity. In the following years, except for an interruption during the Korean War when Cincinnati Time reentered the production of primers for the military effort, the company concentrated on redesigning it's product lines and modernizing its factory operations. In 1953 the company still relied on its strong nationwide dealer network for sales and service.


Cincinnati Time introduced a new line of time stamps in 1958 and using the time stamp mechanism as its base the company was able to design the automatic-ejecting transfer ticket issuing machine for the Cleveland Transit Authority to be used on its buses. The same machine was used in the Washington DC subway system. The technology of ticket printing and issuing machines was used to launch the company in the parking lot barrier gate business an important part of today's product line.


By 1970 Cincinnati Time's growth had not gone unnoticed by other companies and in 1971 the company was acquired by General Signal a Fortune 500 member.


During the decade of the 70's Cincinnati Time Inc (CTI) continued product development and expanded into electronics. New products included fee computers and access control systems. By 1980 CTI had introduced its first microprocessor based time totalizing products. In 1985 came the first time computers and the next generation of time and attendance systems.


On May 1, 1987 Grumman Hill Associates purchased CTI and continued to develop a badge system linked to a computer. In October 1991 Amano Corporation acquired the company and formed Amano Cincinnati Inc (ACI) which created a union of strong electronic backgrounds looking to break new ground in the late 1990's the year two thousand and beyond.



TSCI, Typewriter Service Company Inc was founded in 1918 to service and sell machines in the fledgling office equipment industry which was starting up after World War I with offices at 7 East Sixth Street in downtown Tulsa. The typewriter was joined by the mechanical calculator and adding machine along with the Comptometer from Victor Business Machines.


In 1974 Mr Robert London who had served eastern Oklahoma business for nearly 50 years sold the company to T John & Judie Suess who expanded Time Systems Company Inc and brought Amano Cincinnati Time on board along with a host of other manufactures including Widmer Time Stamps, Rapidprint and Cash Registers. Most of these mechanical machines gave way quickly to display-printing electronics, word processors and finally computers. The screwdriver and wrench gave way to the soldering iron and oscilloscopes. It was an exciting time that served notice of more fascinating equipment to come.


TSCI Today

Today we are proceeding with state of the art equipment which incorporates the latest software, biometric identification technology, Internet connectivity, and mark-sensing technology for you to track and manage your employee time and attendance and to manage revenue and access control for your parking facilities.


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