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Amano HandPunch Terminal

With a HandPunch, your hand is your card.

Used with Time Guardian, Time Guardian Pro, TruTime and TruTime Pro, this biometric terminal eliminates cards or badges, assuring punch data integrity and accuracy using unique hand geometry.


  • Uses unique hand geometry for employee recognition
  • No fingerprints or palm prints collected or utilized
  • Audible and visual indicators confirm valid or invalid punch
  • Two (2) user-definable function keys (Models HP-2000 and HP-3000)
  • Ten (10) user-definable function keys (Model HP-4000 only)
  • Accurate to within 99.99%
  • Internal signal-relay device for bell ringing and door opening/management
  • One (1) second verification time
  • Employee name, validation, messaging and information display (Model HP-4000 only)
  • Five-year (5) transaction and programming memory buffer via standard internal lithium battery

Optional Features

  • Memory expansion to 3498 users (Model HP-4000 only)
  • Full-power battery backup powers clock during power outage
  • High speed internal modem Ethernet (TCP/IP) communications module
  • Bar code reader (wall mount)
  • Memory expansion to 9728 users (Model HP-3000 only)
  • Memory expansion to 32,512 users (Model HP-3000 only)

With a HandPunch Terminal your hand is your card.

Amano HandPunch


Typical User

  • Nursing facility
  • Office
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Hospital / Healthcare
  • School / Day-care
  • Warehouse
  • Any business needing the most accurate employee payroll calculation available


  • Eliminate buddy-punching, ensuring unparalleled payroll accuracy
  • No more easily lost, swapped, or stolen employee badges
  • Easy to use, fast, and secure
  • Reduces supervisor workload

Amano HandPunch Feature Summary

HandPunch (HP) Model: HP-1000 HP-2000 HP-3000 HP-4000 HP-50E
Employees: standard 50 users 512 users 512 users 3,498 users 50 users
Employees: (expandable to) 512 users  

9,728 users

32,512 users

Communications: standard

(50 feet)

(100 feet)
(4 wire)
(4 wire)
Communications: (optional) dial-up modem dial-up modem dial-up modem dial-up modem  
Communications: (optional)     Ethernet Ethernet  

HandPunch Terminal Technical Specifications


8.85 in W X 11.65 in H X 8.55 in D (223 mm X 296 mm X 217 mm)

Weight: 6 lbs. (2.7 kg)
Power: 12-24 V DC or 12-24 V AC 50/60 Hz
ID Length: 1 to 10 digits
Baud rate: 300-28.8K bps
Communications: RS-485 (4-wire) multiple terminal networking supported
Door lock and bell ring output: Sinks 0-24 VDC, 100mA max
Time zones: 62 user-definable



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