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Amano MJR-7000

Automatically adds up the time cards for up to 100 employees

Saves you payroll preparation time and errors This programmable time recorder is the most popular calculating time recorder in U.S. history. Automatically calculates employee hours through consistent application of payroll policies. 



  • Calculates hours worked
  • Separation of regular and overtime hours
  • Perpetual calendar
  • Automatic card feed
  • Automatic daylight saving time adjustment
  • Automatic break deduction option
  • Attendance report for current and previous pay period
  • Lockout capability
  • Optional rounding for IN/OUT times
  • Built-in battery backup protects clock and program data up to 72 hours during power failure
  • Break net rounding
  • Paid breaks
  • Carryover of weekly worked hours for semi-monthly and monthly pay period
  • 100 employee capacity
  • Two-sided printing for bi-weekly pay period

Optional Features

  • Full power reserve
  • Multiple shift capability (Model MJR-7000EZ)


Amano MJR-7000

Amano MJR-7000


  • Replaces time sheets and clock with computerized time calculating terminal
  • Controls employee time theft
  • Eliminates costly calculation errors
  • Accommodates a wide variety of payroll calculation rules

Sample MJR-7000 Time Card

#1:Prints Day and Date


#2:Total Daily Hours


#3:Rounded Time


#4:Holiday Worked


#5:Total Regular Hours


#6:Accumulated Overtime A


#7:Accumulated Overtime B




Typical Users

  • Manufacturing
  • Fitness club
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Restaurant
  • Healthcare facility
  • Daycare
  • Assisted living

Amano MJR-7000 Sample Time Card

MJR-7000 Technical Specifications

Power Supply

AC 120V ±10%, 50/60 Hz

Temperature 14°F ~ 113°F (-10°C ~ 45°C)
Humidity 10 ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Dimensions 13 1/2 in (H) x 9 1/2 in (W) x 8 in (D) (342mm x 241mm x 203mm)
Weight 17.25 lbs. (7.8 kg)



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